In the heart of South America, a land of surprising charms, incredible stories, ancestral customs, sustainable growth beats and emerges proudly. It is a land of opportunities: Paraguay, the “Land Without Evil”. This country is the perfect symbiosis between tradition and modernity and invites the most demanding visitors and tourists to discover it from the moment they set foot on this Guarani territory.

Considered a hidden treasure, this water-rich and bilingual country, with its two official languages (Spanish and Guarani), offers exuberant nature, culture, modernity and cordiality, making way for enjoyment, relaxation, and surprises. Business wise, Paraguay also provides security, political stability, economic strength, financial predictability, and tax incentives.

In addition to its immense natural, cultural, and historical attractions, Paraguay’s greatest intangible value is the simplicity and cordiality of its people, which allows you to enjoy the security that exists in its urban streets, fields, and forests. It is a country recognized not only for its climatic, but also human warmth.

And, as if all of this were not enough, Paraguay emerges on the horizon as a promised land for entrepreneurs and investors, due to its innumerable attractions, incentives, and comparative advantages in economic, financial, and fiscal matters.

In 2021, for the third consecutive year, Paraguay was rated as the happiest and most positive country in the world, according to the Gallup global survey. A cordial smile is the country’s hallmark, and it will always be the first thing to welcome any visitor as they take their first step in this unique country.

Paraguay is truly a box of surprises. Get ready to discover it. We are confident that in the end, you will be the one conquered by it.

Amérika korasõ mbytépe otytýi ha opu’ã peteĩ yvy henyhẽva pajégui, tembiasakue ijojaha’ỹvagui, jepokuaa heko’ymaguaréva, okakuaáva ára ha ára ha tekoporãme, oguerekóva heta juruja: Paraguay, Yvy Marã’ỹ. Ko tetãme ojoaju ymaveguare ko’aĝaguáre, ha oipepirũ maymavépe ou haĝua ha oikuaa haĝua ko yvy Guarani.

Ojekuaáva peteĩ itaju ñongatupývaramo, yrenda guasu ha oñeñe’ẽháme Español ha Guarani, oikuave’ẽ maymavépe tenda henyhẽva yvyra ha ka’avógui, avei teko porãite, mba’e’aĝagua ha py’arory ikatuhaĝuáicha maymáva oñeñandu porã, opytu’u ha oikuaa umi mba’eñongatupy. Ha mba’erepyme’ẽme ĝuarã katu ome’ẽ py’aguapy polítikape, mbarete virurekópe, tenonde’a virupurukuaápe ha pytyvõ umi omomba’apótavape ipirapire.

Umi mba’e porãita tekoha, teko ha tembiasakue ykére oĩjey peteĩ mba’e ombotuicháva Paraguay retãme ha péva hína tapicha apegua rekojejapo’ỹ ha akóinte ipy’arorýva, ome’ẽva py’aguapy umi oúvape ambue tetãgui. Pe tekoguapy oñeñandukuaa tavakuérape térã okaháre.

Mba’e neporãvévaniko, Paraguay ha’eha peteĩ tenda ijojaha’ỹva ikatuhápe ou ambue tetãmegua omomba’apóvo ipirapire, oĩgui ko’ápe hetaiterei mba’e porã hechapyrã, py’ara’ãha ha juruja taha’e virureko, virupurukuaa térã tetã repyme’ẽ rehegua

Ary 2021-pe, mbohapy ary ojoapykueriha, Paraguay retã ojeporavókuri pe tetã ipy’aroryvévaramo ko yvy apére, global Gallup rembiapo rupi. Pukavy hory asy niko pe ohechaukáva Paraguay retãme ha péicha oñemomaitei maymavépe oúva ambue tetãgui.

Paraguay nikomba’e ñongatupy ryru. Eñembosako’íke eikuaa haĝua ha, amo hapópe, añetehápe, Paraguay oñemomba’éta nderehe.


ITEAS's mission is to promote the beauties and competitive advantages of Paraguay, offering the world a unique experience of discovery and adventure, with up-to-date information, a commitment to sustainability and the preservation of the cultural and natural heritage of our destinations.


To be the leading company in providing tourist information in Paraguay, recognized for its excellence in services, quality, innovation, and for its commitment to the community and the environment.


Excellence in services: we seek to provide a high quality service to our clients, with a focus on their satisfaction.

Sustainability: we are committed to being responsible with the environment and with local communities, promoting sustainable and respectful tourism.

Respect and ethics: we are governed by the principles of integrity, honesty, transparency, respect and fairness in all our actions and decisions.

Innovation and continuous improvement: we seek to be at the forefront of the tourism industry, promoting innovation and constantly improving our services.

Social commitment: we are aware of our social responsibility, which is why we work in collaboration with local communities, promoting their development and well-being.

Passion for our work: we are passionate about what we do and we strive to transmit that enthusiasm to our clients, creating unforgettable experiences for them.



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Lago de Itaipú, Hernandarias
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Mapas del Paraguay y de Asunción: Archivo de SENATUR


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